We have a fabulous auction house in Frome and, every now and again, I win something I really like – Mr TS insists I haven’t won anything, that I have bought it and it is not a triumph for which I deserve flowers and a trophy, but I ignore him. This week I came home with this beauty – it’s a kitchen, in a cupboard!

kitchen in a cupboard, ideas for a small kitchen

Look what it does!

Kitchen in a cupboard 2

Oh I have such plans – that middle bit is just crying out to be a baking station don’t you think? I can keep my favourite mixing bowls and spoons in there along with flours, sugars and decorating essentials and I can whip and mix on that lovely metal surface. Can you tell how excited I am?!

BUT…I have a problem. Once I’ve cleaned it and dreamed about it a bit more I need to paint it, possibly change the handles, generally show it a bit of TLC but I have no idea what colour to choose! This is where you come in, I need your interiors ideas!

I have to fit it around the cream kitchen unit doors which I still like and can’t afford to replace.The kitchen walls are cream and the contrasting walls in the sunroom and behind the cooker are a deep sunny egg yolk yellow. I painted it 13 years ago when we moved in and it is beyond time for a revamp. Now I have the perfect excuse but what colour should I choose?

what colour should I paint my kitchen?

So, answers in the comments please, what colour should I paint my kitchen and my cupboard? Mr TS wants me to paint the outside brown and the doors cream. Save me.

I’m linking up with Magpie Monday over at Me and My Shadow – I haven’t joined in for ages and I’ve missed it!


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