Sight is such an amazing, incredible thing. I write so much about the things I see and enjoy, I’m always taking photographs to preserve moments in time so I can look back at them and remember. I’m looking at light reflecting off the water in our pond now, as I write this, I look up and gaze at the roses and then across the table at my second born who has now finished his exams and is enjoying a leisurely breakfast. I’m thinking about what I would miss if I couldn’t see but I’m also thinking how difficult life would be without my sight.


I wear glasses for reading and my sight has deteriorated to such an extent that I can’t now read without them, I have varifocal lenses to help me with my middle distance viewing too. I’ve worn glasses to read since I was 15 – they’ve helped me to study hard and to walk across the stepping stones to get me to where I am today.

One of my nephews has very poor vision and I have seen what a struggle it is for him in a society where he has access to facilities and people who can help him, it makes me very aware of just how hard it must be to be visually impaired or blind in a country where those support networks aren’t in place.

Just stop reading this for a moment, imagine what it would be like trying to go about your daily business if you couldn’t see. Imagine dealing with the everyday like shopping, making a meal, looking after your family, finding a job…

80 per cent of all blindness could be prevented or cured.

Over 31 million people, most of whom live in the poorest countries in the world, go blind unnecessarily. And with poverty being both a cause and effect of blindness, a cycle is created that can be hard for communities to break out of. SightSavers can break this cycle with straightforward operations costing £8-£28 or annual doses of antibiotics costing 7p-35p per person.  If you’re moved to give someone their sight please visit

I’ve written this post as part of the @Sightsavers #MySight campaign. To read posts from other bloggers about what their sight means to them visit  Becky at Baby Budgeting, who is hosting a link-up. If you blog and want to join in please write a post about what your sight means to you and join the linky. Please support the campaign on Twitter by following @Sightsavers and the hashtag #MySight. Thank you.


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