It struck me once again as I was strolling through the forest with most of my family yesterday how lucky they are to have each other. Who needs theme parks? They are an imaginative bunch, give them a prop or two or pop a little suggestion into their ears and they’re off (not so much the teens these days but they will willingly carry a boy too weary to adventure further).

Yesterday we stopped in the woods and looked around. We listened very carefully for the sound of fairies or other magical creatures.

creative play

And then we spied, through the trees, a tower looming above us. Who lives there? Why is it here?

Rapunzel Mummy! We must rescue her at once!

looking for Rapunzel

They fought their way through the deepest forest

Kids in the forest

Circled carefully around the enchanted beech tree

Beech tree

Wondered if this was a hermit’s hut or a giant’s fire waiting for the pot

Until at last they found the path to the tower

Alfred's tower

But, oh my goodness, it is huge! A giant must live here!

They bravely knocked upon the door

Alfred's Tower

And beat a hasty retreat when they heard footsteps approaching. As we walked and skipped away we wondered who was inside and who that was peeping at us from the very top.

Alfred's Tower

Who needs theme parks when you have a good imagination?

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