Would you like to win a perfect night in? For a chance to win a 40″ HDTV, £250 of Sainsbury’s vouchers, and 10 DVDs all you have to do is tell us what your perfect night in involves, details at the end of this post!

My idea of a perfect night in changes with the seasons. In Summer it would be spent on the boat after a long battle with the waves when there is nothing better than arriving at our destination intact, if windswept! A plate of veggie curry and a bottle of beer on deck gazing at the stars, using the StarTracker app on my phone to point out the constellations to anyone who’ll listen, is very hard to beat. I get very excited when we spot the Space Station going over or are treated to a spectacular display of shooting stars and I’ve been know to get small children back out of bed on a particularly beautiful night!

Anchoring off Studland Beach and watching the Sun set and the Moon Rise has to be the best ‘night in’! Rowing ashore for a beach picnic when all the tourists have gone is a secret pleasure!

sunset over Studland

moonrise over Studland

But at this time of the year as the nights are drawing in and there are fewer opportunities to sail away my perfect night in would be spent at home with all my family around me. With our wide age range my evening would start with some baking or crafting with Bonus Boy and My Girl, this week we’ve been making for Halloween and the house is filling up with spooky creations and scary decorations – spiders in the bathroom are hilarious don’t you know?! I do love getting the crafty supplies out and letting them get on with it rather than being too controlling. Last week I gave Bonus Boy some pastels because he told me how much he had enjoyed experimenting with them at school. I was a bit stunned when he produced this!

Dolphin Drawing

Cooking something together isn’t always practical and can be total chaos but it’s deeply satisfying when it comes off and we can all sit and eat our creation together! Something simple like soda bread and homemade soup which we can share together in front of the fire or a big pile of cous cous with spiced chick peas and stir fried veg round the table in the kitchen would be ideal – nothing complicated or challenging and something which everyone will eat without argument!

Whilst the teens are pretty obliging when it comes to their youngest brother they would now prefer to watch something more appropriate to their age so, when Bonus Boy is snuggled up for the night, a quick browse through Netflix or the DVD collection for something we can watch together and a bit of sprawling on sofas under blankets or nattering by candlelight is definitely the way I would like to round off a perfect evening in! (Can you see one of our cats sitting beside me?!)


So – what would your perfect night in involve and do you fancy winning it?! For a chance to win a 40″ HDTV, £250 of Sainsbury’s vouchers, and 10 DVDs all you have to do is tell us what your perfect night in involves. You can enter simply by completing the form below.


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