About Thinly Spread

Hello, I’m Chris freelance writer and blogger here at Thinly Spread where I share recipes, kitchen stories, travels, adventures, crafts and family warmth from my home in deepest Somerset. If I’m not here you will probably find me aboard my sailing boat meandering along the Jurassic coast with my husband and as many of my four children as I can persuade to join me!

Vegan or Vegetarian? 

After being vegetarian for 30 years, I have recently adopted a vegan lifestyle and I love sharing inspirational recipes full of flavour. My aim is to encourage people to reduce the amount of meat they eat by showing them just how delicious and easy a meat free life can be!

As well as myself, my husband and two of my sons are vegan while my two other children are vegetarian. All my recipes are family tested and approved. We all eat vegan together and I am used to cooking vegan food which is simple, delicious and filling for one growing boy, three young adults and two middle aged grown ups. It has to be fast, it has to fit around family commitments, it has to be full of nutrients and it has to taste really good. 

What You Can Expect to Find on Thinly Spread

    • Vegan and vegetarian recipes for family and friends (I’m updating my old posts with new vegan versions wherever I can)
    • Collections of vegan recipes and seasonal suggestions
    • Simple seasonal craft ideas
    • Vegan lifestyle articles


You can email me at chris@thinlyspread.co.uk

I am on Twitter on Instagram and Thinly Spread has its own facebook page with regular updates and chitter chatter.

If you would like to work with me please check out my Work With Me Page where you will find details of the services I offer to brands and organisations.