easy vegan food for family and friends

THINLY SPREAD is a vegan recipe blog full of easy ideas for delicious everyday vegan meals. 

If you are looking for a quick after school snack, something simple for lunch, scrumptious for dinner or a fabulous celebration centrepiece, you’re in the right place! 

Thinly Spread has been featured in various magazines including Vegan Food and Living, Superfood and Cruise International, and many websites including Cranks, Tenderstem and Tesco. We have also been archived in the British Library! 

All recipes have been fully vegan since March 2017. Older vegetarian recipes are being gradually updated and adapted where possible. 


After being vegetarian for 30 years I made the happy leap to vegan in 2017. Two of my four children and my husband are also vegan and the other two are vegetarian.

All my recipes are family tested and approved. We all eat vegan together and I am used to cooking vegan food which is simple, delicious and filling for one growing boy, three young adults and two middle-aged grown-ups!

It has to be fast, it has to fit around family commitments, it has to be full of nutrients and it has to taste really good!


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