Hoorah Hooray! It’s a Grinchmas sort of a day! It is SIXTY years since ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas!’ hit the shelves for the first time and it has become a must read Christmas book every year chez Thinly Spread – I’m pretty sure my daughter knows it off by heart! To mark this momentous anniversary Harper Collins has issued a GORGEOUS 60th Anniversary hardback edition in a BEAUTIFUL slip case all green and shiny gold – it is a PERFECT stocking filler.

Not content to stop with such gloriousness, Harper Collins then asked me and eleven other bloggers to get creative for the 12 Days of Grinchmas!

Front cover of the I'm a grinch-mas book.

So I had a good think, what should I do?

How about a bauble fit for a Who?

A bauble for Who-Ville, now that’s an idea,

but who should it feature?

The answer is clear….

Easy Grinch Christmas Baubles!

All you need to make these easy Grinch Christmas baubles is…
  • Scissors
  • PVA glue (white glue)
  • Round yellow stickers
  • Black Sharpie Marker
  • Red Sharpie Marker
  • Red Felt
  • Cotton Wool
  • Ribbon, string or twine
  • Green Christmas Baubles (the matt ones work best, I found out after I’d taken this prep photo that the faces disappear into the shiny ones. Unlike me who, as you can see, is reflected in the shiny ones in this photo – so professional!)

Easy Grinch Craft with green baubles.

First of all I had a good look through How the Grinch Stole Christmas and copied some facial expressions. My first attempts were, apparently, far too nice to be the Grinch so I ran these past my editorial team (my 17 year old daughter and her friends) and got the seal of approval.

Drawing The Grinch.

Next I cut yellow stickers in half and stuck them at a wicked angle onto my baubles

We added red pupils using the red sharpie and then added the rest of the face using the black sharpie, copying our paper drawings. We made sure to draw all around the yellow stickers to make the eyes stand out and look even more menacing.

Putting the grinch onto Christmas baubles.

Some of our faces didn’t look quite right so some of these baubles are two faced! Next we moved on to hat making. We drew circles onto red felt using the base of a coffee tin as a template, cut them out and then cut a line up to the centre of each circle. We also cut a little circle at the top of the line.

Making hats for Grinch baubles.

We rolled each circle into a cone and glued it in place. The hole at the top would make sure we could feed our hanging string through later.

How to make Grinch Christmas Hats.

Next we glued some cotton wool around the rim of the hat

Grinch Santa Hats with a cotton rim.

Once they were dry all we had to do was tie our string to the top of our Grinch Christmas Baubles and then feed it through the hole in the top of the hat – hey presto, Easy Grinch Christmas Baubles!

Finished Grinch Christmas Baubles.

Top tips when making these easy Grinch Christmas baubles:

  • If you decide to make them on a craft board balancing on the pool table, don’t be surprised when a bauble (which happens to be roughly the size of a pool ball) rolls into a pocket and disappears…
  • If you are taking photographs of a long line of Grinch hats do remove two green baubles from the end of the line or your photo will look vaguely phallic which is NOT the image you were after!

Pop over to the Grinchmas Hub to see what everyone else came up with for the Twelve Days of Grinchmas and have a very Grinchy Christmas! You can even Grinchify yourself while you’re there, like I did!

Merry Grinchmas!

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