Fabergé Pumpkins! Isn’t that a perfect title?! I get totally over excited when the squashes start appearing in the shops towards the end of September, I just can’t resist them. I grabbed a ridiculous number of cute little munchkin pumpkins to add to curries, to stuff with pâté, to roast with smoked paprika and to turn into Autumn decor for around the house! With so much gloom on the news, I decided that a little bit of bling was in order, some sparkle, a bit of pizzazz so today, I bring you…

Fabergé Pumpkins!

Fabergé Pumpkins decorated with sequins and glitter.

Yes, Fabergé Pumpkins are absolutely what my house needs. Especially now the glitter haters have moved out! It needs sparkle, twinkle and colour and I’m not waiting until Christmas! I gathered glitter, sequins and glue, rolled up my sleeves and indulged. When my girl got home from school she sighed happily and joined in – glitter heaven!

Making Fabulous Faberge Pumpkins for Halloween.

I love the glitter ball pumpkin the most – I sent pictures of it to my boys who were horrified so I knew I’d done a good job. I was glad of the Marigold extra universal disposable gloves I’d been sent to try as I coated the whole pumpkin in a thick layer of PVA (white) glue before rolling it in the glitter. Wearing disposable gloves meant that it didn’t matter how much glue and glitter was stuck to me (and there was a lot), I could whip them off and answer the phone/that email/the door without coating everything in glitter! I know they will really appeal to those of you who read my posts and tell me how much you’d love to craft but you can’t bear the mess!

When my girl came home she donned the Marigolds and sprinkled yet more glitter over the top, just to make sure that we had good coverage.

Munchkin pumpkin covered in gold glitter.

Just look at that little twinkle of glitter…irresistible!

A sprinkle of glitter onto the pumpkin.

Once it had dried we decided it needed a line of gold glitter glue along the indent for each segment, because you can never have enough glitter.

A finished glitter pumpkin.

I think good Fabergé Pumpkins should not shy away from colour so our next creation had us reaching for the sequins. Each was lovingly applied by hand, using a big dollop of glue and following the lines of the pumpkin. Each pumpkin is naturally divided into ten segments so we used the indentations as a guideline – I’m sure the Tsars of Russia would have been astonished at their beauty and much preferred them to boring old eggs.

A Faberge Pumpkin with rows of multicoloured sequins.

This Fabergé Pumpkin comes with a hidden secret power. In the long shadows of an autumn afternoon it casts fairy lights around it…

Light reflecting off the sequins onto the table.

Our third and final Fabergé Pumpkin design involved strings of holographic dazzle dots which were not sticky enough to adhere to the pumpkins without a generous helping of more glue! Once again we used the natural lines of the pumpkin to determine our design, this time laying three lines of dazzle dots per segment all meeting at the stalk and at the base. Poetry, I’m sure you agree.

Decorated Halloween Pumpkin with sticky sequins.

Our Fabergé Pumpkins, like the Imperial Eggs which inspired them, have only been created in limited numbers. Like the eggs before them I am sure many of you will attempt your own designs and we, as the originators of this concept, would be delighted to see what you come up with. If you do make your own, please share them on social media with the hashtag #FabergePumpkins and tag us(@thinlyspread), so we can see them and share their beauty with the world!

Marigold commissioned this post asking me to create something for Halloween using their extra universal disposable gloves and showcasing them on Thinly Spread. Who knew that such genius would come from such a small request?! The gloves are great for messy crafting and DIY, made from powder free latex they are thin enough and flexible enough to enable me to perform intricate tasks (like picking up sequins). The palms are double layered for strength which means they don’t split or tear at the drop of a hat and the extra long cuffs offer extra protection when I’m up to my wrists in dye or glue – they are VERY useful! I have a Pinterest board filled with fabulous ideas for Halloween Crafts so, if you’re inspired to get your craft on, pop over and have a look!


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