With Father’s Day approaching and the garden beckoning my thoughts have turned to easy gardening crafts to give as gifts. I love how these turned out and I hope you do too.  Plant labels, seed collecting packets and a decorated terracotta pot – I like them so much I may struggle to give them away!

Pink roses and a pot full of plant labels made from coloured ice lolly sticks.

The plant labels are made from large wooden lolly sticks (available from craft shops and some toy shops) which I painted with acrylic paints and then wrote on with sharpies. The acrylic paint stops the pen from bleeding into the wood. I used acrylics by Winsor and Newton in pale blue, pale olive and pale violet – I love the chalky pastel colours in this range and use them a lot. They last appeared here on tin can flower pots which also make a lovely garden gift!

Homemade plant labels in a plant pot.

The seed packets are small brown envelopes, I cut out a flower shape using a biscuit cutter pressed into a potato.

Potato stamp in the shape of a flower.

I printed onto the envelopes using the same acrylic colours and the same sharpie markers as the labels.

Homemade seed packets, with a flower printed on the front.

I wanted to present the labels prettily so I used the potato printer again and applied it to a small terracotta pot, rolling it as I pressed to cope with the curve of the pot.

Decorated plant pots filled with ice lolly plant labels.

I think these make a lovely gift for the gardener in your life or as a present to yourself!

Ice lolly plant labels, decorated pots and homemade seed packets.

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