I took part in another Google+ hangout with Red Ted Art and a whole raft of UK craft bloggers last night. I love these hangouts, seeing other people’s crafty creations really inspires me. Last night we shared ideas for using up egg boxes and Maggy’s chickens, Anthea’s masks and Kelly’s little Easter baskets are now top of our Easter ‘To do list’. I also realised, as we were chatting, that Bonus Boy has never made egg carton daffodils, what an oversight! Liz’s host of golden lovelies will definitely be making an appearance ASAP!

Cress caterpillar with googly eyes and pipe cleaner antennae.

How to Grow Cress Creatures!

You will need a long egg box (the ones which hold a dozen eggs), a plastic bag, cotton wool, scissors, cress seeds, pom poms, googly eyes, a pipe cleaner, glue

  1. Cut the top off your egg box Inside of half an egg carton with tall dividing spikes.
  2. Cut the top off the sticky up spikes so that it will lie flat when you turn it upside down Spikes in the egg carton cut down, leaving holes for the cress.
  3. Turn it upside down! Underside of the egg carton, now sitting flat on the floor.
  4. Line the holes with pieces of cut up plastic bag (or cling film). This is really important as the egg box will dry out too quickly if you don’t and your cress won’t grow! One of the holes in the carton, now lined with a bit of plastic bag.
  5. Pop a ball of cotton wool on top of the plastic Damp cotton wool pushed into the hole.
  6. Get a willing helper to decorate the egg box. This time it was a caterpillar but, in the past, we have made monsters, dragons, hedgehogs etc. Young boy decorating the egg carton with colourful pompoms.
  7. Add a face and some pipe cleaner antennae Drawing the smile on the caterpillar's face.
  8. Water the cotton wool and sprinkle liberally with cress seeds Cress seeds sprinkled onto the damp cotton wool.
  9. Keep moist and you should see sprouts within a few days and be able to chop it and eat it within a couple of weeks!

Finished cress caterpillar with a large anount of cress growing out of its back.

Isn’t he glorious?! I love his wonky face where the water has washed off his lippy. Bonus Boy is looking forward to scalping him later and eating him in an egg and cress sandwich!

You can watch the full hangout and see everyone’s wonderful ideas here!

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