Bonus Boy and I indulged ourselves a bit yesterday and made some pond jelly!

Jelly with edible pond decoration in a glass bowl.

It’s very easy to make and, if you like jelly, delicious to eat. I loathe the stuff personally but he loves it!

To Make Pond Jelly You Will Need

A small to medium glass bowl

One packet of vegetarian jelly crystals (we used tropical here but lemon would do just as well)

Dried apricots

Tinned apricot or peach halves

A handful of currants or raisins

Veggie jelly beans

Ready made regal ice

A few drops of green food colouring (suitable for vegetarians)

I’m not a big fan of food colouring and it is only usually in our cupboards for science experiments BUT I found one by Sainsbury’s which is suitable for vegans and contains no hidden nasties! I was so chuffed! I still didn’t use much of it though πŸ˜‰

We started by cutting our dried apricots into fish shapes.

Apricot goldfish on a white plate.

Next we placed our tinned apricot halves in the bottom of our bowl as ‘rocks’

Apricot halves sat at the bottom of a glass bowl.

and he scattered in some jelly beans as ‘pebbles’

Apricots scattered with jelly beans in a glass bowl.

I made the jelly up by adding a pint of boiling water to the crystals and stirring until they dissolved. I poured a third of the jelly over the rocks and we put it in the freezer for 3-5 minutes to cool quickly and set a bit.

We scattered a few currant ‘tadpoles on the almost set jelly surface and poured in a bit more jelly before popping it back in the freezer for a few more minutes.

The ‘fish’ went in next, against the side of the bowl to give them some support,  the last of the jelly poured gently over them and then into the fridge for a final set. I LOVE how this one set with bubbles!

Apricot goldfish immersed in yellow jelly.

While the jelly was setting we quickly made some lily pads. We squidged two drops of food dye into a piece of regal icing and then divided it into pieces which he rolled into balls

Making lily pads from regal icing.

We squashed them into flat discs, marked them with a knife like pizzas and cut out one piece. They worked rather well!

Icing lily pads on top of the jelly pond.

Of course, you could really go to town and add all sorts of extra pond life. What do you think our pond needs?

You do need to eat this on the day it is made if you want to enjoy it in pristine condition. By day two the icing and the sweets do go a bit splodgy!

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