Easy Paper Roses for your love or for you!

Lilac paper rose on a flowery background.

Today is my daughter’s fifteenth birthday, I brought her home on 14th February 2000 so it seems very appropriate that most of us are going to see her perform in Romeo and Juliet this evening – my Valentine’s baby!

In her honour Bonus Boy and I have been making paper roses and I thought you might like to know how to make them too. They are easy to make but a little bit fiddly so if you are making them with small children do be prepared for them to unravel a few times before they get them right

How To Make Paper Roses

You Will Need

Paper, scissors, glue, glue dots or double sided sticky tape and a hot glue gun (optional but very useful)

We used A4 paper in a variety of colours, some patterned and some plain. I like the flowery stuff, he prefers the plain.

Cut or tear a sheet of A4 paper in half and draw on a rough spiral (I made mine without drawing on the sheet but he found a guideline helpful), round off the edges so you have a rough circle. As you can see mine is quite oval, paper roses are forgiving flowers!


Helpful Hints and Tips

Try to keep your paper quite tight, pop on a glue dot or some double sided sticky tape after the first few winds to give your rose a centre.

When you reach the centre of your spiral it gets awkward and difficult to go any further, this is when you stop and glue your flower onto that centre bit, you can see that clearly in the last photo where BB is indulging with some hot glue gun action (and just avoiding my fingers!)

Do experiment with the unravelling bit, we made some which were quite tight like young roses and some which were looser like blousy old roses, revelling in their gorgeousness!

Bowlful of multicoloured paper roses on a flowery backdrop.

Several finished paper roses.

Warning: Hot glue guns are HOT and shouldn’t be used by young children without the supervision of a responsible adult.

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Happy Valentine’s to you! 

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Small collage of finished paper roses.

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