We are now in full on, unapologetic, Christmas crafting mode – the glitter is everywhere (much to the annoyance of teenage boys who despair of leaving the house without a sparkly addition somewhere about their person), the cheesy tunes are playing and there is just no point putting the glue and scissors away! This week saw us indulging in some pipe cleaner crafts  and this easy peasy project produced some rather lovely results! I really liked the Christmas tree pipe cleaners we were sent as part of this month’s Bostik Bloggers challenge but they worked just as well with glittery pipe cleaners and with the traditional green fluffy ones!

Pipe cleaner christmas tree decoration, hanging from a branch.

To make these pipe cleaner trees you will need wooden lolly sticks for the trunks, pipe cleaners for the branches, string, twine or ribbon to hang them with, beads, stickers, pens and glitter glue to decorate them with. You could add shiny pom poms to the tips of the branches for a bit more bling but we decided to go for a little bit of sophistication this year! You will also need white glue/PVA to stick everything firmly onto your lolly sticks.

Pipe Cleaner Crafts – How to Make Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees

  • We coloured our lolly sticks brown and used a red pen to draw on a bucket at its base. A little bit of glitter glue as a sparkly, tinselly bucket trim and we were good to go (goodness how I LOVE glitter glue!) We let the glitter glue dry while we had a cuppa and a mince pie.
Top Tip – If you can’t wait for glitter glue to dry use a hairdryer to speed the process up. This is a godsend if you have little crafters!
  • Next we cut our pipe cleaners into graduated lengths

Christmassy pipe cleaners of various sizes.

  • We glued our pipe cleaners onto the lolly stick, pushing them firmly into the glue, and left them to dry
Be generous with the white glue, it dries clear. You will need a good dollop of it if you want your pipe cleaners to stick.
  • A star or a bead on the top and a loop of string glued to the back of the lolly stick and we were done!

Pipe cleaner christmas tree decoration.

I had a little search for more pipe cleaner crafts to inspire your creative juices this Christmas. The super talented Zing Zing Tree didn’t let me down with TWO fabulous ideas her reindeer are SO cute and her twirly trees are definitely on our ‘to do’ list! Over at Happy Hooligans I fell more than a bit in love with Jackie’s pipe cleaner icicles – I think we might make a few and string them above the kitchen windows with our fairy lights, they’d look so pretty!

Collage of Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Christmas.

See the full instructions for Pipe Cleaner Reindeer Here for Pipe Cleaner Spiral Christmas Trees Here and for Bead and Pipe Cleaner Icicles Here.

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