I love recycled crafts and upcycling ‘rubbish’ and I adore anything which involves getting my tools out and twinkly candle light! This is a craft for older children, adults or both together!

Baked Bean Tin Lanterns with glitter decoration and holes for light to shine through.


You Will Need

  • washed and dried ring pull tins
  • acrylic paint
  • an electric drill fitted with a small drill bit
  • glitter glue
  • night-light candles (I used giant ones which are almost the same size as the base of the tins)


  • Pencil your design outline onto your clean tin and drill holes. They work well as baubles on the ends of Christmas tree branches, the points of a star and the features and buttons of a snowman but your imagination is the only limit. I gently hammered a dent in before starting to drill so the drill bit didn’t slip but be careful not to hammer too hard and squash the tin. I lay the tins on their sides on my workbench between the slats so they didn’t roll about.
  • Paint the tins with acrylic paint and allow to dry completely before adding a second coat. I used  lovely festive red and green here but you could adapt it to suit your Christmas colour theme…purple and silver maybe? I may be pursing my lips a little bit, I am a traditionalist but I am trying to accept that others of you go for a  more ‘modern’ look!
  • Once the paint has dried completely lightly pencil on your design again if you need to and then go over it with glitter glue.
  • Allow to dry, pop in a night-light and hey presto, Christmas lanterns!

Christmas tree lanterns made from food cans, paint and glitter.

How would you paint your tins? What is your festive colour scheme? Are you a traditionalist like me or do you go for a black tree and purple decorations?

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