We spend a lot of time on Chesil Beach and it is a brilliant place for driftwood and pebble collectors like us. The driftwood we find is bleached and smooth and comes in all shapes and sizes. We wonder where it came from and how far it has travelled to reach us and we plan what we will do with it once we get it home. This driftwood craft uses some of the pebbles we have amassed, results in a game we can play together and is pretty to look at to boot!

Driftwood sticks bound with string to make a noughts and crosses board, with painted pebbles as playing pieces.

 Driftwood Craft – How to Make Noughts and Crosses

You will need:

4 driftwood sticks

10 pebbles, roughly the same size


Acrylic paint in brown and black

Driftwood sticks, pebbles and twine.

  • Lay your sticks out to form a grid
  • Bind them together with string, knot them underneath and trim

A driftwood grid for noughts and crosses, held together with twine.


  • Paint five of your pebbles with noughts and five with crosses (pencil mark them first if you’re a wobbly freehander)
  • Let them dry
  • Play!

Wouldn’t it make a fabulous Father’s Day gift?


Playing noughts and crosses with driftwood and pebbles.

Alternatives: You could paint starfish on one set of pebbles and octopuses on the other or pirate gold and parrots or mermaids and fish – or anything you fancy! You could, of course, use shells for one set instead of pebbles – oh the possibilities!

Now, what shall we make with this piece?!

Young man on the beach holding an enormous driftwood log.

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