I know Easter is a while off yet but we were in the mood for a bit of Springtime at the weekend and an Easter craft seemed to fit the bill (pun intended).

Easter chicks made from sheets of foam, with googly eyes and card feet.

I like the way mine is looking a little afraid and his is looking a bit wicked!

To Make  Easter Chicks

You will need

  • 1 sheet of yellow funky foam or cardboard for the body
  • 1 sheet of orange cardboard for the feet
  • googly eyes
  • a little bit of orange funky foam for the beak (if you’re using cardboard you will already have plenty!)


  • Draw around an egg cup on the yellow funky foam or cardboard – he discovered that you don’t actually need to do this for the foam, you can just press down and the egg cup leaves a print

Young boy using a pencil and an egg cup to mark out a circle on a sheet of yellow foam.

  • Cut around the circle
  • Cut a triangle of orange foam or cardboard for a beak and stick it on with glue – or, if you’re Bonus Boy, decide that glue just won’t cut it and come up with a self crafted peg instead

Attaching a triangle of orange foam to make a beak.

  • Snip off the top of the peg if you’re going for the emergent engineer option
  • Stick on a googly eye
  • Cut the feet out of orange cardboard

Template for the chicks' feet with measurements.

  • You can download the template here as a PDF : Chick feet template fold the cardboard up where you see the dotted line and pop your chick on top!

Two finished chicks standing together on the table.


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