Next week is half term and, at the end of it, Halloween! Such excitement, such crafting potential and pumpkin carving to boot! My Darling Girl is already planning her pumpkin for this year and I’m hoping her eldest brother will be home to give her a run for her money; he has a bit of a carving reputation to uphold!
We’ve already started crafting new additions for our decor. At the moment our garden room is an autumnal mix of fabric pumpkins, real squash of various persuasions, leaf bowls and this lovely autumn tree but it is definitely time to start adding the ghouls, ghosties and beasties for All Hallows Eve!

We started with the long legged lovely you can see over there to the right! Doesn’t she look sweet? Well, don’t be fooled, she’s not! She’s plotting all sorts of mischief and mayhem – the game’s afoot!

Halloween Witch made from craft materials.

She’s very simple to make, we gathered together a selection of bits and pieces including felt in various witchy colours, a cardboard cone, google eyes, ribbons and buttons, stickers, pipe cleaners and glue. (If you haven’t got a cone you can make one very easily.)

The Munchkin Pumpkins aren’t strictly necessary but they create ‘the mood’ so necessary for a bit of crafting!

Halloween Craft Resources

Wrap a strip of green felt around your cone, leaving enough space above it for a good sized pointy hat, and enough below it for a generous witches cloak. Every witch needs to be able to swoop about a bit and to look impressive in her hat so don’t skimp on cloak length or hat height!

Wrapping felt around a cone.

Wrap a cloak sized piece of felt around the body of your witch and glue into place. You may find this easier to fit to your cone with a semi circle of felt. Trim the bottom but leave enough to tuck up inside the cone so her cloak has a nice neat edge and glue into place. Of course, if yours is a raggedy witch with nary a care for appearance because there’s witching to be done, you can skip this neat tucking and leave your edges fashionably raw.

Wrapping the felt cloak around the body of the witch.

Wrap a piece of black felt around the pointy end of your cone to make a magnificent hat and glue into place (again, you may find this easier with a semi circle of felt).

Hey Presto – one Halloween Witch!

Little witch standing next to mini pumpkins.

But wait – she needs something else, she’s missing a certain je ne sais quoi…

What this witch needs is legs! Witchy legs in stripy tights and wonderful witchy shoes!

Halloween Crafts, Witch Crafts

Bend a stripy pipe cleaner in half with an arch at the top so her legs aren’t too close together, she’s a witch who strides out rather than mincing about. Ours is shod in practical pumpkin boots cut from a pumpkin ribbon. We cut two for each shoe, glued one of them and folded the other over on top of it, trapping the end of her pipe cleaner leg in between.

Glue the top of your pipe cleaner arch just under her skirt – you may need to peg this into place while it’s drying.

Now all that remains to be done is to decorate her cloak and hat. Our witch is quite subtle because my children are older now but you can go mad here and turn her into the most glamorous, blinging witch in the world!

We glued buttons onto the front of her cloak and added sticker stars to her hat. Then most important of all, because all witches need a companion, we added a cat.

Halloween Witch made from craft materials.

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