The lurgy has struck and DG and I have been knocked off our feet by it this week, I’m trying to look on the bright side – at least it should be over and done with by Christmas!

On the plus side, we’ve managed to do a bit of gentle crafting together in front of the fire, curl up and watch films and I got round to doing the online bit of Christmas shopping. Yesterday we were inspired by a little feature in Ideal Home’s Complete Guide to Christmas (brilliantly edited by my lovely friend Heather ;-)) and gave some of our manky old baubles a new lease of life with a patchwork of festive fabrics!

Making Christmas Baubles

Homemade Christmas Baubles made from scraps of fabric, sitting in a bowl with silver tinsel.

We chose two fabrics each, one which was brightly coloured and one in contrast, and cut them into small pieces in a variety of shapes. Using PVA glue we stuck the fabric onto our old baubles and then pasted a thin layer of glue all over the finished bauble to hold it all in place.

Young girl gluing fabric scraps to the outside of a bauble.

We think they turned out pretty well!

Closeup of a bauble with snowflake and holly patterned fabric.

Closeup of a bauble with a large picture of Rudolph's face.

So, what have you been up to this week? Are your decorations all up? Is your shopping all done (I can answer ‘NO’ to both those questions!)

If you have a festive blog post to share please pop it on the linky below. The Link is open until Christmas Day so you can add to it anytime. Any posts on a Christmas theme are very welcome, any which are inappropriate will be removed by my wrapping paper tube light sabre.

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