This is an updated version of a post which first appeared on Thinly Spread back in the Spring of 2011. When Maggy at Red Ted Art asked me to join in with a Google+ Stone Craft Hangout this week, a Hangout which fell upon my girl’s thirteenth birthday, we thought it was time to make some more stone houses!

My daughter is a collector of stones. We have small piles of them all over the garden and two years ago we decided to make something special with them.

Stone Craft Fairy Village on a garden wall.

Using acrylic paints we painted in two colours, one for the house and one for the roof. We allowed this to dry completely before adding details.

Everyone had a go and we had a lovely afternoon chatting while we painted. They are still out there in the garden two years later, looking a little battered, but still providing shelter for any passing little folk.

A small, hand painted stone house.

Three Fairy Houses tucked away in some lavender.

Two stone fairy houses on a rock in the garden.

This week we had another go and my newly thirteen year old daughter and I sat at the kitchen table on her birthday painting these

New Stone Craft Fairy Houses inside on a green felt cloth.

I love seeing how she has developed over the last two years, this Hobbity little house comes complete with curtained windows and wisteria and its fellow has a delightful little door knocker

Painted stone houses with detailed windows and doors.

I think this is one of my favourite crafts to while away an hour or two and we were delighted to be given an excuse. Please watch the hangout, it contains more wonderful stone craft ideas from a selection of fabulous UK and US craft bloggers and a guest appearance by my lovely girl showing off her creations!

We adapted this idea from Green Crafts for Children by Emma Hardy which we borrowed from the library.

You saw:

Maggy’s stone pets and ducks

Aly’s stone monsters

Anna’s alphabet stones

Anthea’s stone collages

Trisha’s stone towers

Two images of stone fairy houses on garden walls.

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