A quick and easy last minute Valentine’s craft for your sweetheart! We love fingerprinting and these couldn’t be simpler.

Pink fingerprint love hearts on white paper.

Using your forefinger and some pearlised poster paint (I always put some paint onto a sponge and then push my finger into it as that seems to distribute the paint more evenly AND it’s much easier for children!) put one fingerprint onto your card and then another one at an angle to make a heart shape. Simple.

Once it’s dry you can use a pen to add antennae to make love butterflies

Pen lines added to the hearts, making them look like fingerprint butterflies.

And you can jazz them up with some shinies

Fingerprint butterfy with gold, flower-shaped sequins on its wings.

And that’s it! A simple Valentine’s craft, not complicated, anyone can do this – so, what are you waiting for?!

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