The latest addition to my kitchen armoury is this handsome beast. This, my friends, is the Froothie Evolve High Speed Blender, the very latest in blending technology. 

AD: This is a review post. I was gifted the Evolve blender. This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for further details. 

Froothie Evolve Blender

This is a high speed blender which goes beyond the smoothie, the hummus and the pureed veg. This is a blender which also steams, cooks, grinds and crushes. *The Froothie Evolve even talks and (more importantly) LISTENS, it is the one thing in my house which cleans up after itself when I tell it to. 

Let me tell you all about the *Evolve High Speed Blender. Make sure you read to the end where I have a fabulous reader offer to share with all of you. 

(*This is an affiliate link. Buying through an affiliate link doesn’t cost you a penny more but earns me a small commission.)

Why Buy A High Speed Blender?

A high speed blender is, as far as I’m concerned, essential for the vegan kitchen. I couldn’t be without one for soups, cashew cream, smoothies, nut butters, hummus, homemade plant milk, dips, sauces, spreads and pâtés. It takes all the hard work out of preparing really good food from scratch. 

Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup

Why Buy A Froothie Evolve Blender?

So – what has the Froothie Evolve High Speed Blender got going for it? What makes it stand out from the crowd? The comparison table below shows you what it has in common with other blenders and soup makers and where it is pushing the boundaries. 

Froothie Evolve Comparison Table

I’ve been putting the Evolve through its paces in my kitchen and have already shared a couple of recipes. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing testing updates both here and on social media – keep an eye on my Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter for more exciting blending stories as the festive season gets into gear! With a house full of people with very demanding stomachs the Evolve is going to be working over time! 

Features Of The Froothie Evolve Blender.

The Evolve high speed blender is packed full of good ideas and useful features. 

Two Glass Jugs

Having two jugs is useful not just for their different functions but because, once I really get cooking, it means I don’t have to wash up between making soup for my first course and chocolate tart for dessert. The Froothie Evolve has the distinction of coming with two tempered glass jugs. Tempered means that the glass is strong enough to cope with high speed blending and cooking. Being made of glass means that your carefully prepared dishes don’t come into contact with plastic in their processing. 

Cooking Jug – Cooking, Steaming and Blending!

The cooking jug is ace, quite frankly. This is the bit that you don’t get with a standard high speed blender. It is, basically, a blender with a heating element in the base. This means you can chuck all your soup ingredients in and let the Evolve get on with its job.

blender cooking jug

Either set it manually, choosing temperature, time and speed yourself, or use the preset menu options for smooth or chunky soup. Place the jug on the base and, like magic, the functions available appear on the menu!

You can also steam food with the cooking jug. Simply add water to the jug, pop your prepared veg, rice or wotnot into the steaming basket and choose the steam function. Again you can set it manually if you wish which is useful when preparing veg with different steaming times. The steam function would’ve been a godsend when my lot were teeny – steam a few veg and then pop them in the jug, select baby food and Hey Presto, you are Super Parent! PLUS, if you are wrangling a toddler, you can shout ‘HEY FROOTHIE’ and ‘MAKE MY BABY FOOD’ and it will! 

blender menu

Vacuum Jug

The vacuum jug is a high speed blender for all your traditional blending needs. It is great for smoothies (my youngest loves a smoothie when he gets home from school so we’ve used this function A LOT), purées, pâtés, spreads, creams, vegan cheese, nut butter, vegan nutella, sorbet, making plant milk and more! Unlike most traditional high speed blenders it has a vacuum function which results in zero oxidation of fruit and vegetables – in non tech speak that means that you retain all the colour and vibrancy of your fresh fruits and veggies and your smoothies don’t do that annoying separation thing!

vaccum blender jug

As with the cooking jug you can choose from a set menu which magically appears when you put the jug on the base or you can choose your own temperature, time and speed. You also have the option to pulse your food for more texture which is really handy.

Blender menu


Bluetooth and Voice Activation

As I mentioned at the beginning, this is the fun bit of the Froothie Evolve! The Evolve can be activated using your voice or via Bluetooth via an app on iPhone or Android.

I enjoyed telling the blender to clean up after itself far more than I thought I would and the satisfaction of asking it imperiously to ‘Make My Soup’ and have it do so made us all laugh. Am I likely to use this often in my day to day cooking? No. Are the teens and ‘Mum We’re Grown Ups’ likely to use it (and therefore make lots of healthy soups and smoothies)? Yes, of course! 

Froothie Evolve High Speed Blender

The Bluetooth function at first seems a bit pointless but, when you realise that you can fill the blender with chopped fruits, oats and plant milk the night before and then command it from your bed to make you a smoothie – it becomes a lot more fun! All I need now is Bluetooth commands for my children to get them to go down and bring my breakfast up to me…

The hands free functionality of the voice activation and bluetooth functions would have been even more useful to me when my kids were little. Tea time kitchen chaos could have been alleviated a little bit if gadgets turned themselves on and did their jobs when I asked them to. Watching them do so might also have been a useful distraction for those tiny people and given me a moment to breathe!


The Froothie Evolve is easy to clean using the preset cleaning function or setting it manually. Pour some water in and a squirt of washing up liquid and let it blend itself clean. Use the brush provided for any stubborn bits and remember to clean it straight away rather than letting food dry out inside it.

Note: Do not immerse either jug in water or stand them in the sink as both have elements in their bases and you will damage them. Clean according to instructions in the manual, wipe down the outside with a damp cloth if needed and you’re good to go.

My Verdict – Pros and Cons.


The Best Bits – Pros

  • It comes with two jugs – really useful if you cook from scratch a lot.
  • Glass jugs rather than plastic gets a big tick from me.
  • Cooking and steaming as well as blending.
  • It does what it is told – satisfying and funny all in one.
  • It is super high powered which makes the creamiest creams and the smoothest soups.
  • The vacuum function for perfect smoothies.

Could Be Better – Cons

  • The glass jugs are heavy, not a problem for me but might be tricky for anyone with mobility issues.
  • The cleaning function doesn’t appear on the cooking jug menu and can’t be activated for that jug via voice activation, only via the app which is a bit confusing.
  • it’s important to remember not to get the bases of the jugs wet – that’s down to my memory not the design though, I remember not to do it with the toaster after all!

Thinly Spread Reader Offer

I am an ambassador* for Froothie blenders. If you buy through my Froothie Evolve *affiliate link you currently get an extra two years warranty for the Froothie Evolve!
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It will give you an extra 2 years warranty on the Evolve, taking the warranty up to a whopping 7 years! 

You also get as standard:

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Froothie Evolve Blender

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, please see my Privacy and Disclosure Policy for further information. Buying through my affiliate link doesn’t cost you a penny more but earns me a small commission.  I received a Froothie Evolve Blender free of charge in order to test and review. All opinions in this post are my own.


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