Today’s guest post features Maggy from Red Ted Art and her last minute Halloween costumes. Maggy is the Queen of all things craft and has made guest appearances on Thinly Spread before! I know how frantic it can be on Halloween and have often been found cutting up black fabric and improvising with cardboard cones at the very last minute. Here is a really simple DIY Halloween costume to rescue you from those last minute ‘Mu-um’s!

Easy Halloween Mummy Costume

Hello! It is so lovely to be visiting from Red Ted Art again where we have been having lots of Halloween Crafts fun recently! Today, I would love to share with you our super duper last minute mummies. DIY Halloween Costumes don’t come much simpler than this..

Two boys dressed as mummies for halloween.

All you will need, is some black clothes (navy will do too) and some old sheets. Maybe your little brother or sister has outgrown some baby sheets or maybe there is an old sheet of yours “lying around”. Be sure to ask first!

How to Make a Simple Halloween Mummy Costume

Materials per mummy: one single bed sheet, scissors, face paint optional, safety pins

  • You will need to  cut an approx. 7cm wide strip into  the top of your sheet and then tear a long strip off along this cut – this means you get a nice straight line, you don’t spend ages cutting and the fabric frays nicely for that special mummy look.
  • Continue with the rest of the sheet until it is all in strips.
  • Get dressed in your dark clothes.
  • Legs: be sure to do this loosely, if need be pin some strips of fabric in place. You want to be able to take the trousers off in order to go to the loo! Knot the first piece to the bottom of your trousers and start wrapping it up your leg. When you come to an end, add the next strip. Repeat the other leg, and go up to you wait. Be sure it is loose enough to get off. You may have to use safety pins.
  • Top: this can be as tight as you like, as you won’t have to take that off. Start on either arm and then wrap strips all around your body and head. If things are slipping at all pin in place.
  • Finally Add facepaint if you like!

And done! Ready for some ghoulish fun!

Boys in mummy costumes walking with outstretched arms.

More Ideas for Last Minute Halloween Costumes

If you need more ideas, we have a SUPER simple Paper Skeleton costume and adorable Witches Costume over on Red Ted Art too. Meanwhile you can find instructions to make three easy Halloween Costumes right here on Thinly Spread! Would you choose the simple Halloween Bat Costume, easy Cat Costume or the super cool Minecraft Dress Up? 

Easy halloween bat costume.

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