Today I am sharing our favourite Halloween Mummy Craft and, Oh My Goodness, we are in love with this tiny chap! We’re thinking about making a whole army of them to march about our house on All Hallows Eve once the sun has set and the moon is up! Dear readers, for today’s Halloween Craft we offer you clothes peg mummies!

Halloween clothes peg mummy with pipe cleaner arms in front of real and fabric pumpkins.

My lovely Mother in Law is a crafter too and ‘gets’ that a bag of clothes pegs is a really good gift so we’ve had lots of little clothes peg people popping up over the years – they tell wonderful stories in our desk top puppet theatre, they fly on gossamer wings from invisible cotton threads tied to light shades and they wander round the garden, tiny packs on their backs looking for treasure/dinosaurs/something to Borrow.

If you want your clothes peg people to stand up you will either need to buy the craft pegs with flat bottoms or saw the pointy ends off real ones – my smallest boy is a wizard with his Swiss army penknife saw attachment!

To Make Clothes Peg Mummies You Will Need

  • Wooden clothes pegs
  • White felt fabric
  • White pipe cleaners
  • Googly eyes
  • PVA (white) glue.

Look at those googly eyes, all desperate to be somebody! I think they have such character and these definitely want to be a Mummy!

Clothes Peg, googly eyes and pipe cleaners to make a mummy.

 TIP: You’ll need to use white glue (PVA) to make these and a little patience is required while they are drying. Older children can use a glue gun which speeds the process up a bit.

How to Make a Clothes Peg Mummy

I think this is one of my favourite easy Halloween crafts, it is simple and satisfying and the result just makes me smile!

  • Wrap a white pipe cleaner around your peg at arm height and glue into place.

Clothes peg with pipe cleaner arms.

  • Glue on your googly eyes (sticky glue dots work well here, glue can be a bit slippy slidy and annoying for little fingers)
  • Cut thin strips of white felt and wrap around your peg starting with the legs. We used one strip here, going backwards and forwards, alternating between legs because the felt is a bit thick to use a strip for each leg. Wrap the body and then up around the head leaving the eyes peeking out.

Clothes peg with pipe cleaner arms, googly eyes and the beginning of the bandage wrapping.

And there you have it – one easy Halloween Craft and one cute little clothes peg Mummy!

Completed mummy with fabric bandage wrap.

If you’re looking for more easy Halloween craft ideas have a rummage around Thinly Spread for more spooky craftiness and we’ll try not to scare you! You might like our easy little witch craft or our jam jar lanterns. For more clothes peg crafts check out Red Ted Art, and The Imagination Tree.

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Clothes Peg Mummy on a wooden floor.

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