My daughter and I spent a happy hour making fabric mâché baubles at Christmas so it seemed to be a natural progression to do the same at Easter! This time we used polystyrene Easter eggs and raided our fabric stash to make these beauties.

Fabcric mâché easter eggs in a fabric mâché bowl.

They really couldn’t be simpler.

You will need: Polystyrene Easter eggs in various sizes, watered down PVA glue (3 parts glue to one part water), paint brushes, fabric scraps (in one colour or two contrasting colours/shades/patterns seems to work well)

  • Cut the fabric scraps into small pieces
  • Glue the egg and apply the scraps

Gluing fabric scraps to a polystyrene egg.

  • Cover the egg with a final layer of glue to seal in any frayed edges and ensure it all stays put
  • Leave to dry on a sheet of cling film (this comes off if the glue sticks). Rotate them occasionally to make sure they dry all over

We popped them into the fabric mâché bowl we made last week which was inspired by Red Ted Art’s marvellous new craft book.

I love the way the sun shines through the bowl, it is yellow gingham on the outside

Sun shining through the bowl to show the different colours of fabric that were used to make it.

and Spring lambs on the inside!

Lambs with a blue background on the inside of the fabric bowl.

I’m tempted to make lots more fabric eggs and use them to make an Easter wreath. What would you make with polystyrene eggs?

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