Easter is almost upon us! Three of my children break up today and the fourth tomorrow and there are a few crafty plans being kicked around already – Teen Two has a brilliant craft/science/music thing up his sleeve if he can carry it off!

Today I bring you a selection of easy Easter crafts and bakes to keep them busy. Some are from my archives and one or two are new!

Collage of easter crafts from Thinly Spread.

Fingerprint Chicks

Fingerprint painting is one of those childhood crafts which stick in your mind; I clearly remember a happy morning finger painting at nursery school aged about 4. It doesn’t have to be messy if you are a paintophobe and it can produce lovely results.

Chicks made by drawing over yellow paint fingerprints.

Pour a little yellow poster paint onto a sponge and fold the sponge in half to spread it evenly. Put the sponge into a small bowl. Press your forefinger into the paint on the sponge and then onto your piece of paper. Allow to dry, add eyes, beaks, wings and feet with a black felt tip and you’re done!

Bunny Buns

I’ve seen these hopping about all over the internet, turning up on Pinterest and Instagram in their droves! We make Sleepy Hedgehogs in Autumn, Father Christmas bread in Winter and Bunny Buns at Easter. Serve them warm with an appropriately rabbity soup such as carrot and coriander – we think Peter Rabbit would approve!

Easter bunny bread roll with pointy ears.

We use a basic breadmaker dough recipe, break it into handfuls when it has finished proving and shape them into ovals. We snip the dough with scissors on either side of the head end to make ears and pull the nose out a bit. The appearance of front legs on this little chap was a happy coincidence!

Cotton Wool Lamb

Cotton wool balls were invented to make cotton wool lambs with at Easter! You can see how Bonus Boy made this fluffy creature here.

Cotton wool balls glued to paper to make a lamb.

Butter Biscuit Chicks

These tasty butter biscuits, dressed in their Easter finery, are delicious with a nice cup of tea or a glass of milk! You can find the full recipe here, along with some homemade chocolate eggs.

Iced easter chick and flower biscuits on a white plate.

Bubble Paint Chicks

Bubble painting is an essential part of childhood, blowing into a bowl of paint with a straw – you can taste it now, can’t you?! Full bubble painting instructions can be seen here.

Very round chick painted with bubbles, with pen used to add the beak, eye and legs.

Easter Mobiles

I love making decorations using cornflour salt dough; the white base makes it so much easier to apply colour too. The acrylic colours we used to decorate these Easter mobiles are cheerful and vibrant, perfect for Spring!

Cornflour easter chicks and a sun outside on the back of a bench.

Cornflour bunny and flowers tied together with string.

You will need: 200g Cornflour, 400g bicarbonate of soda, 360ml water, Biscuit cutters, PVA glue, acrylic paints, paint brushes, wool or string.

  • Mix cornflour and bicarb in a saucepan. Add the water. Stir until smooth. Cover and cook over a medium heat until the mixture resembles mashed potatoes
  • Turn onto a large chopping board and cover with a damp cloth. When cool enough to handle, knead with cornflour until smooth. Roll out and cut out your shapes.
  • Make a hole for the ribbon (don’t put it in now or you’ll set fire to it which would be dangerous and silly)
  • Put them on a baking tray and cook at 135°C until firm, about 20 mins.
  • When cool, paint them, allow to dry and attach string or ribbon if you want to hang them up. We added pom poms for the rabbits tails just to make them even more unbearably cute!

Easter Bonnets

I do like a bonnet at Easter and, when it’s combined with a Pom Pom craft, I’m in heaven! If you’re looking for Easter bonnet ideas for older children or for those not so keen on sporting Pom Pom bunnies on their heads do have a look at this post for some inspiration. You’ll find the instructions to make this gorgeous creation there too!

Easter bonnet decorated with pompom chicks and rabbits, with chocolate mini eggs in the foreground.

Easy Peasy Chick

This little fella is so simple it would be a shame not to make him. A few of these dotted about would cheer the place up no end!

Foam chicks with googly eyes.

Cress Caterpillars

These have proved very popular on my blog since I first posted them a few weeks ago. Claude the Cress Caterpillar grows hair which can be eaten in an egg sandwich which seems particularly appropriate at Easter!

Cress caterpillar made from an egg box.

Fabric Mâché Eggs

I adore these, they are bringing me enormous pleasure so they have to appear here in my round up! Have a look at my Fabric Mâché post for full instructions.

Fabric easter eggs in a homemade fabric bowl.

And that’s it, so far! There will be more Easter crafts next week I’m sure – if I get around to photographing and writing, if I don’t they’ll appear next year!

Will you be getting crafty this Easter? I want to have a go at using natural dyes on eggs, what would you like to try your hand at?


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